Will I have the same dog walker everyday?

We believe dogs do best when they establish a rapport with a consistent walker. You will meet your designated dog walker prior to the start of service to make sure all parties feel comfortable. That crew member will come daily or upon your request. In the event your dog walker becomes unavailable, we will notify you in advance to let you know an alternate dog walker will be filling in.

Will you come walk my dog at the same time everyday?

To best accommodate the needs of all our clients, we ask for a two hour timeframe to be agreed upon by all parties prior to any walks.

How do I know my pet has been visited?

You will receive a personal text message from your crew member letting you know the visit is complete. If you would rather not receive a text message, just let us know at the meet and greet.

Do you do pack walks or off leash walks?
Safety is taken very seriously at It’s The Leash I Can Do. We do not offer pack walks or off leash walks for the safety of the dog and the walker. We are a personal dog walking service and we only serve one customer at a time.

When do I give my designated dog walker a key?
We require two sets of working keys from every client. Keys are to be given to us during the meet and greet. One set of keys is for your dedicated dog walker and the other set is held at the office for emergencies.

What if the weather outside is bad?
Pending your pet’s tolerance for weather like rain or heat, the crew member will adjust the walk time accordingly. If the walk outside ends early, the crew member will spend time indoors with your pet until the visit is complete. It’s The Leash I Can Do crew members reserve the right to end the walk early based on weather conditions.

What if my pet has special needs?
Please advise us of any special needs your pet has. We will make sure we can properly accommodate those needs before committing to provide service. An extra fee may apply, depending on the pet’s special needs.

Am I required to tip my dog walker or pet sitter?
Gratuities are always appreciated, but not required.

Can I book visits directly with my designated crew member?
For insurance reasons we require all visits and appointments to be booked through the It’s The Leash I Can Do office.

Do you board cats?
At this time, we only board dogs.

Where do you board dogs?
We board dogs at our home near the Highland Park area of Los Angeles, 90031. We are located between downtown and Pasadena, about 15-20 minutes away from the Silverlake/Los Feliz area.

Are dogs in a cage when boarded?
No. Dogs roam free, as they would if they were at home. Dogs are allowed on indoor and outdoor furniture and have a large, secure yard for sunning and outdoor fun. All dogs are supervised while outside. Guest dogs are taken for walks at a park about a mile away. If your dog is crate trained and you would prefer him/her to be in a crate at night we can oblige.

What areas do you service?
We service a wide variety of metro Los Angeles. Please see the “Areas of Service” for more information

What if my question isn’t answered here?
Please contact us with any further questions. We will respond promptly!